China Led by Xi Jinping Wants to Control Pakistan’s Democratic and Economic System, Asia Times Opinion Article Says | Indiafleurit

A major Hong Kong-based newspaper has claimed that Chinese President Xi Jinping is ready to sideline democratically elected representatives and officials from Pakistan to expand his direct influence over the country’s political and economic processes.

Since 2016, Xi, the secretary general of the Communist Party of China, has forced the Pakistani establishment to pressure the government (it was the government of Nawaz Sharif at the time) to remove the role of the ministry of Plan in the implementation and monitoring of the multibillion dollar project. -Dollar China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), “wrote journalist Ali Salman Andani in his opinion piece published in Asia Times.

“Xi pushed for the creation of a supraconstitutional authority of the CPEC that would ensure the independent management of infrastructure and predatory power generation projects under his direct command,” the news portal said.

“The proposal was rejected at the time, but last year it was presented again to the prime minister of the country – now Imran Khan. The reason given was the completion of the projects on time,” he said. -he declares.

Commenting on the government headed by Imran Khan, the news portal said: “This time the prime minister is a full-fledged puppet of the military establishment, so it was easier than before to manipulate the law to respond. to Xi’s desire to take control of the government. Pakistan’s Ministry of Planning, and in the future the country itself. “

Xi does not want the Belt and Road Initiative or any of its components to be held responsible or met with resistance, the news portal’s opinion piece said.

“He knows that his Chinese dream of indoctrination of a majority of the free peoples of the world by 2050 will not come true if the peoples of the countries victims of the BRI learn about his strategy to destroy their future and that of their generations. futures. “, reads the Asia Times opinion piece.

Targeting Xi, he said, “The truth is that he is weighing down these countries in the debt trap when they are already suffering from severe balance of payments crises.”

Xi will slowly poison Pakistan and other poor economies by creating extreme shortages of foreign exchange reserves.

“Ultimately, these countries will have to accept the invasion of their political and economic systems by the Chinese Communist Party,” read the news portal.

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