Cryptocurrency Prices Today: Top Cryptocurrency Prices Today: Bitcoin, Avalanche, Ethereum Gain Up To 9%; Terra down 2%

New Delhi: Key cryptocurrencies soared as much as 9% in the past 24 hours, with Bitcoin surging above the $41,000 mark and Avalanche and Ethereum seeing big swings.

Bitcoin, the largest crypto by market value, was trading up 0.69% at $41,124.58, taking its seven-day gains to 0.8%. Ethereum jumped 2.9% in the past 24 hours to hit $2,769. The second-largest cryptocurrency by market value has risen 3.9% over the past week.

Tether, the third largest, was nearly flat at $1, as was USD Coin, which was flat at $0.99. BNB added 1.19%, XRP gained 2.01% but Terra fell 2.12%.

Avalanche, Solara, Cardano and Polkadot climbed as high as 9%.

Dogecoin added 2.35% to $0.1173.

The global cryptocurrency market capitalization reached $1.82 trillion, up 1.42% in the past 24 hours. Total cryptocurrency trading volume jumped 23% to $100.11 billion, according to Coinmarketcap.

Crypto Cart: Quick Glance (Source:, data as of 08:45, IST March 11, 2022)
Bitcoin: $41,034.14, up 0.81%

Ethereum: $2,767.30, up 3.21%

Tether USD: $1.00, up 0.01%

BNB: $383.32, up 1.35%

USD coin: $0.9997, up 0.02%

XRP: $0.79, up 2.27%

Terra: $87.57, up 1.47%

Cardano: $0.8431, up 3.18%

Solana: $88.39, up 5.03%

Avalanche: $76.82, up 9.81%

India News
Mudrex, a Bengaluru and San Francisco-based crypto investment platform backed by Y Combinator, has now enabled its users to use a Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) option to invest in coin sets , the crypto equivalent of mutual funds.

By using SIPs on coin sets, investors can spread out their capital investment instead of making a lump sum purchase, reducing their risk on their crypto investment, Mudrex said.

World News
Cryptocurrency exchanges risk doing long-term damage to their industry to stay in Russia as Western governments seek to isolate Moscow, the head of the London Stock Exchange Group said on Wednesday, calling it a “watershed moment.”

Unlike payment companies, most crypto exchanges have rejected calls to cut off all Russian users, raising concerns among European officials and US lawmakers that digital assets could be used to circumvent sanctions United States and Europe have imposed on Moscow following its invasion of Ukraine, Reuters reported.

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