Genocide policy: the Zenz-Xinjiang affair

The Trump and Biden administrations have launched an unfounded genocide case against China. It has been disputed by the White House’s own legal experts. With its dark roots, the policy of genocide makes fun of real genocides.

In July 2020, then Secretary of State Mike Pompeo accused the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) of “using forced sterilization, forced abortion and coercive family planning against Uyghurs and of other minorities in Xinjiang ”.

In January, Pompeo, upon leaving the White House, accused China of “a systematic attempt to destroy the Uyghurs in Xinjiang”.

And the international media too, without the slightest source criticism.

Surprisingly, most based their accusations primarily on one source: a born-again German anti-Communist Christian crusader who has never been to Xinjiang.

How the politics of genocide took precedence over legal experts

According to the United Nations Convention on Genocide (1948), genocide is defined as “acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnic, racial or religious group, as such” .

In contrast, what Zenz claimed was that falling Uyghur birth rates and birth control measures in Xinjiang province was proof of genocide. In the process, genocide has been linked with family planning and modernization (which US agencies and foundations have implemented across the world since the postwar period).

Moreover, during the years 2019, Xinjiang actually recorded a positive overall population growth rate, with Uyghurs growing faster than the non-Uyghur population.

In addition, the allegation of genocide was made versus explicit legal opposition. Prior to Pompeo’s statement in January, the State Department’s legal counsel’s office concluded that there was insufficient evidence to prove such genocide.

Yet the two administrations simply canceled their own legal experts.

In April, economist Jeffrey Sachs and William Schabas, a leading international genocide lawyer, stressed that “the allegations of genocide in Xinjiang are unwarranted.” As they concluded, “Unless the State Department can substantiate the charge of genocide, it should withdraw the charge.”

Who is the main source of the genocide allegation?

From God to Anti-Chinese Australians and US defense contractors

Adrian Zenz is a graduate of the hyper-Christian Columbia International University, headquartered in South Carolina, where teachers can only teach if they affirm the Second Coming of Jesus. As the Wall Street newspaper once said, Zenz feels “led by God” in his struggle against the Chinese Communists.

After 2016, the German crusader suddenly became an “Xinjiang expert” with just one Foreign Affairs trial. The Australian Strategic Policy Institute (ASPI) of co-author James Leibold has been credited as the think tank behind Australia’s lowest ties to China. It is funded by the Australian Department of Defense and Major defense contractors to the US State Department and the Pentagon.

In 2017, Zenz’s publications were primarily published by one of the flagship journals of the Jamestown Foundation, an ultra-conservative anti-Communist think tank started by CIA Director William J. Casey in the 1980s.

But Zenz’s articles on Xinjiang were published by the Journal of Political Risk, edited by Anders Corr who has a history of false predictions and who consults Pentagon agencies and defense contractors (on his false prediction of 2017 that the Philippines will default under Chinese debt slavery by 2022, see my “What Happened to PH Debt Slavery?” TMT, October 7, 2019).

In December 2020, Zenz released his Coercive labor in Xinjiang in which “The genocide claim is concocted through fraudulent statistical manipulation, source selection and false propagandist statements,” as critics have rightly put it.

The “shocking report” was released by the Newlines Institute for Strategy and Policy (NISP), along with the Raoul Wallenberg Center for Human Rights (RWCHR).

The leadership of the NISP consists mainly of officials from the US State Department, military and intelligence analysts who worked for Stratfor (“Shadow CIA” as Barron calls it). RWCHR’s positions have converged with those of the US State Department and it collaborates with the anti-Chinese cult Falun Gong and its far right. Epoch Times.

NED sponsors Uyghur separatism

In the United States, the key role in the Zenz-fueled campaign against China lies with the Worker Rights Consortium (WRC), whose steering committee members appear to be backed by the National Endowment for Democracy (NED). The WCR campaign forced Uyghur workers to quit their jobs, while forcing US clothing company Badger Sport to pay $ 300,000 to exiled Uyghur separatists, not unemployed workers.

Zenz’s report also features documents on Uyghur separatists, including the U.S. government-backed Uyghur World Congress (WUC). The WUC considers Xinjiang to be “East Turkestan”. Dedicated to separatist objectives, he seeks to destabilize Xinjiang and, ultimately, to change the regime. It is a top-down umbrella for its Washington-based affiliates – including the American Uyghur Association (UAA), the Uygur Human Rights Project, and the Campaign for the Uyghurs – who depend on US funding.

The WUC and its affiliates have been supported to the tune of millions of dollars since 2004 by the National Endowment for Democracy (NED). Under its chairman Kuzzat Altay, the anti-China fanaticism of the UAA has intensified, while the far-right shooting club Altay Defense trains fighters with former members of the US special forces (Figure).

Figure a separatist dream come true

Sources: Screenshots of NED tweet showing “East Turkestan” separated from mainland China; Altay Defense (Instagram 2020)

Here’s how the pro-democracy / destabilization machine works: The NED transfers money to the WUC, which uses it for its affiliates, public relations and, it seems, for not-so-peaceful covert activities, while doing pressure on Congress, which in turn funds the NED.

The Nazi Roots of Fervent Anti-Communism

Alarmingly, the Turkish branch of the Uyghurs has ties to the far-right Panturkey Gray Wolves, a designated terrorist organization, which is generally characterized as ultra-nationalist, neo-fascist and Islamophobic. It has been linked to political violence, death squads, heroin, the CIA and drug trafficking, including multiple violent attacks on Chinese targets in Europe, Turkey and Thailand.

Far-right ties extend to Zenz and its prestigious new host. After his reporting on Xinjiang, he was recruited as a senior researcher in Chinese studies by the Washington-based Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation (VOC), a staunchly anti-Communist successor to the National Captive Nations Committee (NCNC), linked to the Ukrainian nationalist. and the famous anti-Semite Yaroslav Stetsko.

Ironically, the NCNC originates from the Anti-Bolshevik Bloc of Nations (ABN), founded in 1943 at the instigation of Alfred Rosenberg, Hitler’s leading Nazi race ideologue and Minister of the East. Nazi leaders cooperated and financed the organized militia of Stetsko OUN, which slaughtered thousands of Jews in pogroms in 1941.

In the mid-1950s, the ABN was linked to its Asian equivalent (Anti-Communist League of Asian Peoples) in which the Taiwanese Generalissimo Tchang Kaï-shek played a central role; and the World Anti-Communist League (renamed in the 1990s as the World League for Freedom and Democracy) whose headquarters remain in Taiwan.

It is these dark origins of Zenz and his background forces that cast a shadow over his claims today.

Baffling Lessons from the Politics of Genocide

The far-right motivations of these old and new Cold Warriors have the potential to spark major conflict. Perhaps a new Cold War is their strategic objective, despite the enormous costs to the global economic outlook, especially for the most vulnerable nations.

Allegations of genocide by the Trump and Biden administrations seem hypocritical, if not bizarre in light of US history, starting with American Indians, Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and extending to a series of atrocities post-war in almost all major regions of the world.

What is very distressing is the way in which the main international media allowed themselves to be used, in defiance of public confidence, as during the Cold War.

Like the “infodemic” in the early days of COVID-19, misinformation associated with social media trolls and conspiracy theorists blurs the line between realities and fantasies. With the pandemic, the divisions and delays that followed cost millions of lives, as did the erosion of media credibility amid future genocides.

The rejection of the White House’s top legal experts for an ultra-religious far-right crusader sets a chilling precedent and tarnishes American ideals.

When the word “genocide” is exploited without a solid legal basis, the name itself is politicized and diluted. It is an insult against the real victims and the legacy of the Holocaust and other genocides around the world.

This short commentary is based on a portion of fully referenced analysis of over 4,600 words, published by The European Financial Review on June 11, 2021. zenz -xinjiang-case / The printed version will follow later in June.

Photo: Elliott Brown

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