New Book Envisions a Tax-Free Economic System – Period

NEW YORK, September 29, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — A new book upends the old adage that the only certainties are death and taxes. “A new economic order: the global enrichment of nations and their peoples: the holy grail of business, economics, finance and government. No Taxes, Period,” written by Dr. Patrick Amadasun, describes a new economic order where neither citizens nor businesses will pay taxes. Yet, says Dr. Amadasun, the new system adequately funds all governments around the world. Also, the new system supports the happiness factor for all citizens and an expanded stock market for wealth generation.

The old framework has expired, says Dr Amadasun, and will be replaced by an economic system that will enrich individuals and societies. Criticizing the traditional economic philosophy that enshrines production and consumption, as well as those whose thought is limited to the exchange of commodities, Dr. Amadasun instead points to the advantages of the economy of gift relations.

“For 10,000 years, societies have relied on an onerous system of taxation. The economic landscape I envision is one that depends more on human connections than on traditional ways of thinking,” says Dr Amadasun. “Imagine how thrilled people will be when taxes are eliminated. They will be able to live their lives with increased levels of freedom and opportunity.”

No Taxes, Period.

About Dr Amadasun

Patrick I. AmadasunPh.D., DM, completed his doctoral studies in finance, economics and management at Georgia State University and the University of Maryland. He is a life member of Phi Kappa Phi and a Fellow of the Academy of Management. He was previously president of First Continental Insurance and has served on the board of several companies.

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