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Sierra Leone Telegraph: August 4, 2021:

A new professional network is launched today (August 4, 2021) by the Sierra Leone Journalists Association (SLAJ) with the Sierra Leone Journalists Union (SLRU) as an implementing partner, in the aim of stimulating the production of independent information on trade, financial and economic issues in Sierra Leone, bringing together journalists, businessmen and economists to share ideas, develop expertise and create opportunities for collaboration.

Unmet demand for better business and economic news

Thanks to the facilitation of Invest Salone, the UK government-funded private sector development initiative, the Business and Economic News Network was born out of an interactive dialogue, held in March of this year, between the media and the world. business, where participants agreed that there was a substantial unmet demand for better trade and economic relationships in Sierra Leone.

Create a space where journalists and professionals can learn from each other

Ahmed Sahid Nasralla, president of SLAJ, says that while this area of ​​journalism is essential for everyone to understand the implications of these forces in our daily lives, the March dialogue highlighted the challenges journalists face. : “The media in Sierra Leone have an important role to play in the economic progress of Sierra Leone, by fostering dialogue through accurate and timely information on business and economic issues; but there is a skills gap in the journalistic profession and a trust gap between the media and the business sectors. These prevent good relationships. The SLAJ Business and Economics network is intended to help provide solutions, creating a space where journalists and professionals can learn from each other, share information and explore common ground.

Good journalism will bring life to business and the economy

Amadu Lamrana Bah, president of SLRU and winner of the SLAJ award for best economic reporting in 2018, said: “Good journalism must bring business and economy to life, making articles on these topics interesting and relevant to all. audiences, not just specialists. We look forward to building the network to represent one of the most dynamic and exciting areas of journalism in Sierra Leone. “

Membership in the new SLAJ Business and Economics network is free and open to practicing and aspiring journalists, as well as other professions with a genuine interest in collaborating to contribute to a more inclusive economy through improved reporting. economy and trade in Sierra Leone. Membership benefits are designed to create opportunities for learning and professional recognition, career development and knowledge sharing, as well as networking and mentoring.

Invest Salone team leader Chukwu-Emeka Chikezie said: “Invest Salone works with the public and private sectors to identify, design and implement reforms that will reduce the costs and risks of doing business in Sierra Leone. An independent and vibrant press broadens the scope for the expression of opinions and ideas outside of government, which can help improve policymaking and responsible governance, and enable persuasive advocacy on trade issues – which would help create a more favorable business environment and ultimately foster conditions for more inclusive growth, jobs and higher incomes for more Sierra Leoneans.

How to join the SLAJ Business and Economics network

SLAJ and SLRU welcome expressions of interest from journalists indicating their name, address, email and telephone number, with a brief description of areas of interest and professional experience.

For more information or to submit your expression of interest, contact [email protected] or [email protected]

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