Tech Tip: Foxconn’s Flip-Flop Vision for WI Due to the Economical Market | Sunday in the capital

MADISON (WKOW) – Foxconn Technology Group is once again changing its view of the estimated $ 10 billion plant in Racine County. After the company spoke with President Donald Trump on Friday, Foxconn said it plans to build a factory to make high-tech LCD screens and employ researchers and developers.

The back-and-forth decision making on Foxconn’s Wisconsin plans appears to be halting for now as the company sent out a statement reassuring its commitment to the dairy state. Wisconsin Technology Council chairman Tom Still often meets with Foxconn officials and said he was not surprised by their announcement, highlighting a shift in the economic market.

“It was probably a lot less about anything on the ground in Wisconsin than it was about global issues and market trends,” Still said.

He noted that TVs are getting cheaper and iPhone sales have been on the decline for months. Still, Still hopes the company can still be successful, especially now adding a research and development aspect.

“The result was quick enough to make you believe that would be the way to go anyway… it wasn’t a quick start we heard about in the past,” he said.

Still is happy with Foxconn’s recent move, as he says it aligns with Wisconsin’s strengths in robotics and medical imagination. He said it could help the tech giant recover from the impacts of the US-China trade war.

“There is a lot of uncertainty about what happens between the United States and China and what would follow and many negotiations are coming to an end. It’s possible, some of the discussions involving Foxconn and the President have evolved around trade. “

As for Foxconn’s commitment to 13,000 jobs, Still said it would be an elusive goal, but said it was “attainable” by calling it at least a five-year process.

“They may or may not get there because that remains to be seen. I think it will be a significant number, especially with the renewal of discussions on Racine’s fabulous installation. “

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