Will ensure India’s economic system has a comfortable touch, says RBI Governor Shaktikanta Das, Auto News, ET Auto

Reserve Bank of India Governor Shaktikanta Das said on Friday that the organization will ensure that the country’s economic system gets a comfortable touchdown.

Speaking at a banking conclave, Das said: “[RBI’s] The effort will be to ensure a soft landing for our economy, where inflation is brought back closer to the 4% target over a period of time.

The RBI Governor added that the country’s economy was facing tough new conditions introduced by the war in Europe, with commodity prices rising alongside crude prices, as well as tighter hedging In other countries.

RBI’s determination to prioritize the expansion of the country, Das added, stressing at the same time that the current priority is inflation

“The sacrifice of growth is also within manageable limits,” Das said at the tournament hosted by Bank of Baroda.

Furthermore, Das extolled the virtues of the RBI’s versatile inflation framework, which has served the peasant well, as per the governor.

RBI is expected to look after retail price inflation at 4% (+/- 2%), as per the versatile framework.

“We had a huge shock coming from COVID-19, and because we have flexibility built into the 4% (plus/minus 2%) (inflation) target, the MPC decided to use that flexibility. to tolerate slightly higher inflation,” Das said.

With the amount of uncertainty within the international situation, versatile fashion is the way forward, according to the governor.

“I think the (inflation targeting) framework has worked well and should continue. My personal opinion and it is also the opinion of all of us at RBI who do not change the target pole to our liking, because the biggest requirement of the economy and the financial sector is to have such a framework,” he said.

“It looks like inflation seems to have peaked,” Das said during a speech at the Bank of Baroda’s first monetary conclave. “Please mind my words, it seemed to peak and it moderated 7.8%, it went down to 7.04% and now it is 7.00%. So it’s a very volatile situation.

The Rupee hit a series of record lows over the past few weeks and broke above the mental 80 dollar mark last week and prompted heavy promotional intervention from the Reserve Bank of India (RBI).

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